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High voltage impact on electricity costs and solar system efficiency.

ES News / 23 May Most people just assume that the electricity supplied to your home is a stable component and you only pay for what you need. What most…


As more solar and wind come onto the grid, prices go down but new questions come up

Authors: Joachim Seel, Andrew Mills, Ryan Wiser / The Conversation / 23 May Wind and solar energy are growing rapidly in the U.S. As these energy sources become a bigger…

Energy, Energy Innovation

Sungrow adds 4.8kWh PowCube battery to Australia market

Sophie Vorrath / One Step Off The Grid / 23 May Australia can add yet another contender to its booming residential battery storage market, with the latest offering from leading…

Energy, Energy Innovation

Breakthrough solar panel can harvest power from raindrops — day or night

Joe Romm / Think Progress / 21 May  In another advance, Chinese deploy two-sided solar panels to boost efficiency. In a truly remarkable feat of innovation, scientists have figured out…

Energy, News

Price rises push companies to renewables

Karen Sweeney / The Daily Telegraph / May 15 2018 Businesses are warming to renewable energy after some experienced up to 90 percent increases in electricity bills over the last…

Energy, Energy Innovation

Tractile solar roof tiles outperform Tesla product

Tractile / Architecture and Design / 16 May  The recent launch of solar roof tiles by the world-leading company Tesla has brought attention to a similar product manufactured by an…