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Energy, News

Rooftop solar to generate more than coal by 2040, saving billions

By Sophie Vorrath / One Step Off The Grid / 18 July 2018 Rooftop solar installed by Australian homes and businesses in on track to generate between 31-50TWh of power…

Energy, Opinion

More rooftop solar needed to reduce peaks, stabilise grid

By Giles Parkinson / RenewEconomy / 13 July 2018 Days after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission called for federal incentives for rooftop solar to be abolished, a new report has identified…

Energy, Energy Innovation

Cost-efficient modern farmhouse embraces sustainability

By Liz Stlnson / Curbed / 13 July 2018 Off-grid homes usually run small, but as they say, everything is bigger in Texas—including this angular off-grid house situated in Hill Country….

Energy, News

Tesla big battery powerless to stop S.A. price gouging

By Giles Parkinson / Reneweconomy / 13 July 2018 “I’ve never seen anything like it; with -$1k to +$14k in consecutive 5-minute periods. Chaos ensued.” That was the response of…

Energy, News

Australia could be at 86% wind and solar by 2050 – on economics only

By Giles Parkinson / RenewEconomy / 10 July 2018 Australia could source 86 per cent of its electricity from wind and solar by 2050, based on economics only and regardless…

Energy, Energy Innovation

ARENA, Victoria lead new work on household battery storage standards

By Giles Parkinson / RenewEconomy / 9 July 2018 The Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Victoria government are leading a new program to establish standards for household and commercial…