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My electric car, your solar home, a microgrid, and the future

By Elisa Wood / One Step Off The Grid / 13 December 2018 Microgrid Knowledge Cars, homes and microgrids will be key market actors in a future where consumers produce and…

Energy, News

Clean Energy investment tops $20 billion

Ecogeneration / 11 December 2018 Renewable energy and storage projects adding up to more than $20 billion of investment have now been committed across the country, according to new figures…

Energy, News

The verdict is in: renewables reduce energy prices (yes, even in South Australia)

By Ecogeneration / 10 December 2018 Does renewable electricity raise or lower electricity prices? There is more to this question than meets the eye: are prices lower before or after…

Energy, News

‘Grid independence’: Taking control spurs consumers’ solar panel surge

By Peter Hannam / The Sydney Morning Herald / 7 December 2018 For Gayle Adams, the decision to expand the size of her solar rooftop system has been made easier…

Energy, News

How Energy Companies Will Survive When Renewable Energy Is Free

By Jeff McMahon / Forbes / 6 December 2018 Main images: Shanghai at night. Getty Images Envision Energy founder and CEO Lei Zhang likes to look at the numbers. And when he looked…

Energy, News

Household battery storage incentive schemes: What’s available and where

By James Martin / One Step Off The Grid / 30 November 2018 If you care about battery storage and distributed energy in Australia, you’re probably aware that a number…