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Online renewable marketplace aims to help business cut power bills

By Cole Latimer / The Sydney Morning Herald / 16 October 2018 Main image: The centre is designed to ease the process for businesses looking to access renewable energy power purchase…

Energy, News

Sony brings its 100 percent renewable energy goal forward a decade

By Rachel England / Engadget / 18 October 2018 The company is now aiming for total renewable energy in the US by 2030. Just a month after Sony announced its plans to power…

Energy, News

Vic solar, fed interventions show failure of energy policy

By Ben Potter & Angela MacDonald-Smith / AFR / 12 October 2018 Main image: Nationally about 206,000 households will add rooftop solar this year. Luis Enrique Ascui Few of the 40,000 Victorian…

Energy, News

Australia heading for a ‘battle royale’ on solar power

By Cole Latimer / The Age / 15 October 2018 Main image: Australia is expected to be the first country in the world to hit a solar peak.CREDIT: PETER RAE The sharply…

Energy, Energy Innovation, News

The golden canopy could power 500 homes

By Emily Matchar / Smithsonian / 11 October 2018 Main image: “Light Up” is the winner of a biannual competition for green energy-generating public art sponsored by the Land Art Generator…

Energy, Energy Innovation

Household batteries are not the best bet, says grid chief

By Cole Latimer / The Age / 10 October 2018 Main image: Energy experts believe Australia will see more mega-batteries, like Tesla’s installation, in communities around the country.CREDIT: DAVID MARIUZ Australia’s energy…