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Solar uptake shuts down Synergy’s Cockburn power plant

By Daniel Mercer / The West Australian / 14 November 2018 Electricity provider Synergy was forced to take one of its newest power stations offline for repairs because of constant…

Energy, News

Andrews’ solar plan spreads to renters in a ‘win-win for everyone’

By Kaitlyn Offer / The Sydney Morning Herald / 8 November 2018 Photo: Tenants will be able to benefit from solar energy too. CREDIT: GLENN HUNT Victoria’s rental tenants will be able to…

Energy, Energy Innovation

Australian sustainable design: The challenges, what we’re getting right, and where to from here

By Nicole Frost / Domain / 7 November 2018 Solar is proving popular, but what about the bigger picture when it comes to design? The drive behind building more environmentally…

Energy, News

Victoria Labor boosts renewable energy target to 50% by 2030

By Sophie Vorrath / RenewEconomy / 8 November 2018 The Victorian Labor government has nailed its colours to the mast on energy just two weeks out from the state election,…

Energy, News

Power bills up? Appliances burning out? You may have a voltage problem

By Liz Hobday / ABC News / Updated 8 November 2018 Richard McIndoe used to run one of the country’s major electricity retailers, Energy Australia. But even he was surprised…

Energy, Energy Innovation, News

Experts back Mike Cannon-Brookes: Australia can be clean energy superpower

By Ben Potter / Financial Review / 2 November 2018 Energy experts have backed billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes’ claim that Australia can become a clean energy superpower by combining wind, solar and pumped hydro…