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Energy, Energy Innovation

How a Battery Breakthrough May Lead to Electric Cars That Charge in Seconds

By James Dennin / Inverse / 14 August 2018 An impediment to electric car adoption is the fact that they can take a long time to charge. That means for people to…

Energy, News

Analyst: Renewable energy will be ‘effectively free’ by 2030

By Bryan Clark / TNW / 15 August 2018 Analysts at Swiss investment bank UBS believe that by 2030, we could all be living without much of a carbon footprint…

Energy, Opinion

The renewable energy train is unstoppable. The NEG needs to get on board

By Ken Baldwin / The Conversation / 15 August 2018 On the face of it, the National Energy Guarantee (NEG), adopted as Coalition policy at a party room meeting yesterday, appears to…

Energy, Energy Innovation

This new electric car can charge while you drive

By Joe Romm / Think Progress / 13 August 2018 The solar panels are cheaper than a paint job, and add up to 18 miles to range. German startup Sono…

Energy, News

The Battery Boom Could End Up Burning Some Investors

By Anna Jirtenstein / Bloomberg / 13 August Spending on battery start-ups has boomed to $1.5 billion in the first half of this year. Not all projects will survive. Some…

Energy, Energy Innovation

Construction begins on 100% solar powered Silent Yachts catamaran

By Miranda Blazeby / Boat / 9 August 2018 Construction has begun on the first hull of Silent Yachts’ Silent 79 Cruiser series. The 24 metre catamaran, which is completely…