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Energy, Opinion

Who should control household rooftop solar and batteries?

By Giles Parkinson / Reneweconomy / 15 June 2018  Image Above: Global rates of electricity market decentralisation Australia has one of the highest rates of rooftop solar uptake in the…

Energy, News

Josh Frydenberg lashes power retailers over ‘social licence’

By Ben Potter and  Angela Macdonald-Smith / APR / 15 June 2018 Main Image: “It’s pretty hard to argue that the market is working as intended in the best interests…

Energy, News

Lightsource BP to enter Australia household solar and battery market

Giles Parkinson / One Step Off The Grid / 13 June 2018 Lightsource BP intends to enter the burgeoning household solar and battery storage market in Australia, with an installation…

Energy, Opinion

Are solar panels a middle-class purchase? This survey says yes

By Adam Mchugh / The Conversation / June 13 2018 The rate of growth in residential rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) in Australia since 2008 has been nothing short of breathtaking….

Energy, Energy Innovation

The new rules of competition in energy storage

By David Frankel, Sean Kane, and Christer Tryggestad / McKinsey & Company / June 2018 The costs of energy-storage systems are dropping too fast for inefficient players to hide. The winners in…

Energy, Energy Innovation

Price and range holding back electric cars – Frydenberg

Cole Latimer / The Age / June 10 Main Image: The number of electric vehicles in Australia has grown slowly but government subsidies. Photo: Supplied. The cost of electric vehicles…